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Agelix’s Anvizent is a fully integrated operational analytics solution that helps to provide operational insight by integrating data from one or more sources. Users can access 100+ graphical, rich and real-time dashboards that provide valuable insights for improvising your business decisioning process. Anvizent supports heterogeneous systems like ERP, CRM, or any third party data source and integrates them under one platform at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Business decisioning becomes tedious when there is innumerable data to be analyzed from multiple avenues and organizations lose precious time in lengthy reporting cycles. Decisioning can be simplified if data can be integrated from multiple data source and plotted into meaningful and customizable dashboards which can help organizations take business decisions in optimised time. A brainchild of engineers and executives with extensive experience and expertise in data warehousing and data management, Agelix’s Operational Analytics Solution provides you granular exposure of your data, further facilitating informed and smart data-driven decisions.

Anvizent supports the following features to improvise your organizations’ business decisioning efficiency:

  • One-click access to 100+ fully functional customizable dashboards.
  • Overnight deployment at lowest TCO for instant value and ROI.
  • 50+ ERP integrations with on-demand data access to reduce the reporting cycle time.
  • Built-in automated data warehouse to examine data in multi-currency and business units.
  • Tracks progress, builds correlation, isolate issues and drive immediate improvements.
  • Connect and analyze current and historical data.
  • True self-service visualization for deeper insights, hidden risks & opportunities.
  • Real-time alerts on critical issues & opportunities for faster reactions.
  • Instant collaboration with colleagues for better decision-making.

Anvizent procures data from ERP’s and other integrated services and helps you analyse your data at a granular level in rich and accurate graphical representations. This meaningful integration of your data under one platform helps you gain unprecedented visibility and real-time control over your manufacturing operations. It eliminates lengthy manual reporting cycles, and time-consuming programming of your IT teams.

Anvizent presents data on 100+ fully functional manufacturing specific and customizable dashboards to help you analyze manufacturing operations in real-time. It also supports true self-service visualizations to facilitate deep insights into possible business questions, hidden opportunities and risks.

Anvizent offers a built-in, automated data warehouse to help you integrate and consolidate data from disparate sources; and analyzes it across multiple business units. It helps you track KPIs on-demand, responds to critical issues and opportunities, and provides real-time alerts. It further allows you to collaborate instantly with colleagues to ensure smooth business operations.

Anvizent can be deployed overnight at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This ensures instant value and a faster Return on Investment (ROI) than any other solution in the market.

Optimise your organization’s’ day-to-day operations with Agelix’s smart data analytics platform Anvizent. Download the brochure or contact us for a free demo today.

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