Engineering & Quality Inspection

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Mechanical & Industrial Design

Mechanical & Industrial Design

Our experts bring together a deep understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and cost objectives to accompany you through your entire product design, industrial & product development process, starting innovating with us today !!!

Reverse Engineering and Refactoring

Reverse Engineering and Refactoring

Agelix believes that reverse engineering projects require a level of accuracy that you simply cannot compromise on. We
Leverage expertise to generate 3D CAD models from existing objects (as-built), whether to determine the original design intent, modernize manufacturing processes, or design a new part to fit a legacy product or equipment.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Quality Assurance and Inspection

We are a trusted provider for independent Third-Party Technical Inspection and quality assurance services that include Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Our deep industry expertise ensures its performance and service quality are exemplary and they meet all requirements; compliance, regulatory or client-specific.

Supplier Quality Inspection

Agelix Consulting LLC Engineering is a company of innovative engineers providing mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering design, quality and expedite solutions along with project management to support our clients in their end to end supply chain process across a range of industries.

We provide independent third-party inspections and expedite service to help clients around the world protect their interests throughout the entire supply chain from finished goods to plant facilities and assets. We offer inspection services to manufacturers, EPC, governments and other buyers and sellers of materials and products in the world’s markets.


Engineering Design Service

Inspections help minimize the risk of defective products by ensuring they meet both customer standards and industry and government regulations. This serves to protect your business interests; help manage your risk and ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered to their destination at the specifications of the customer.

Our inspectors help identify products and shipments which may contain non-standard or non-compliant components and materials. Products and materials that we routinely test and inspect include engineering component, pre-cast structure, electrical equipment, and renewal energy components. We are working with many supplier/manufacturers in 22 countries (approximately) to provide our customer a peace of mind with the sourcing of these high value component and products by our expedite and inspection services. Our customer can get real-time information such as issues, progress, duration, location tracking of the inspector and can chat with the inspector via our field inspection and expedite platform.

We offer a flexible service, including provision of turn-key design solutions to meet our clients’ needs or providing skilled engineers and draftsmen to work within client teams.



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