Enterprise Architecture

Business and IT alignment

Business and IT alignment

We focus on strategic alignment problem which requires validating and checking the fit of the business scope, distinctive competences, and business governance against ICT initiatives /IT strategy (technology scope, systemic competencies and IT governance, ensuring the organizational infrastructure are adequately supported by the IT architecture, processes, and skills.

Modernizing legacy systems

Modernizing legacy systems

Agelix Application Modernization Methodology ensures low-risk migration for uninterrupted business operations. It seamlessly integrates digital technologies and legacy systems into a single system of intelligence to help customers optimize their modernization initiatives for mission-critical legacy applications ensuring minimal or no impact on the business during the process of modernization.

Transformation through Agile

Transformation through Agile

Agelix focuses on the pattern of transforming the enterprise by overcoming the reason a lot of agile transformations really struggle is the organization gets caught up in quickly jumping into implementing the more well-known Agile tactical team practices such as Scrums, Sprints, Backlog, etc. We first scale-up team Agile mode implementing stage-wise transformation of the whole enterprise.

Agelix Enterprise Architecture

Agelix enterprise architecture analytics framework starts with modeling concepts and finding strong reasons to use state-of-the-art tools to architect the enterprise instead documenting the personal viewpoint of the inner-workings of their enterprise instead we align majorly three dimensions of the organization which includes the growth factor, ensuring compliance and reducing complexity.  While bringing the agility in the enterprise towards the transformation

We work with industry reference models by utilizing the Assessment framework to assess the alignment of projects to an organization’s architecture standards, With the mature frameworks, such as TOGAF and COBIT .


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