ERP Services

ERP Services

In today’s business world, coherent ERP systems provide a shared platform for enterprise data. Agelix’s certified Enterprise Resource Planning experts specialise in Syspro, Epicor, SAP and Macola products. These ERP packages are designed to streamline day-to-day business processes and systems across the entire organization. Besides providing access to enterprise data, ERP systems also ensure data integrity. Our focus is to tie together various systems and enable a smooth flow of data between them.

When an organization achieves synergies, it leaps forward in productivity and is much closer to bringing its vision to life.

As an ERP solution integrator, we offer services that help optimize ERP investment. Our experts are equipped with skills to help you manage ERP software’s through a wide range of services, given below:

  • ERP Assessment
  • Implementation, Upgrade, Migration
  • Customizations
  • End-User Training
  • Day-to-Day Support (Maintenance and Operations)

An Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system is a critical investment that can significantly affect future competitiveness and performance of a company. As per the leading industry analyst 70-75% of all ERP project fails due to following reasons

  • Takes longer to implement than expected.
  • Costs more than expected due to which businesses run out of budget and implementation is stopped at midway.
  • Fails to deliver at least half of the expected business benefits.

It is widely observed that most of the ERP decision makers struggle to choose the right vendor and implementation partner. Selecting the right ERP is one of the most critical factor for a successful implementation. At Agelix, we take proactive steps and help or support our customers to choose the right vendor for their business.

Comprehensive ERP system selection framework
Fig 1. Comprehensive ERP system selection framework

We choose AHP method (Fig1) introduced by Saaty (1980) which directs how to determine the priority of a set of alternatives and the relative importance of attributes in a multiple criteria decision-making problem, and has been widely discussed in various aspects.

At implementation phase we uses one of four Roll-in strategies based on the business domain, geographical locations, stakeholder support, internal skill set and budget. Our common Roll-in process are:

  • Big Bang
  • Mini Bang
  • Process Driven
  • Hybrid

We believe that a key ERP principle is the central collection of data for wide distribution. We focus our impactful efforts in bringing order out of chaos that every business may go through. Contact us now to know how your business can be benefited from our ERP services.