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The stakeholders are always dependent on their internal or external IT to access any information. Also it was observed that for a simple report the stakeholder has to request multiple times to their IT. RepoNet was designed to reduce stakeholder’s dependencies on their IT team for the day to day data. Agelix’s RepoNet is a menu-driven reporting dashboard application, designed for the stakeholders to view data for their operational requirements. This application aims to streamline several back-end databases into a one simplified and user-friendly interface that helps stakeholder to generate the report or view the data without depending on their internal IT.

For critical business decisioning large chunks of data sets have to be produced from databases through custom SQL queries from different databases and the entire process is combusting and time-consuming. RepoNet solves this problem by creating a single UI that helps you perform complex and simple SQL operations through the menu driven approach. The application helps you to create and extract custom reports within a few clicks and also saves the search and report criterias such that they can be used later or can be shared with other users.

Agelix’s RepoNet supports multiple databases and data file types that includes structured text files, mainframe flat data files, XML files with defined schemas and more. The application gives you an access to multiple data sources from a single web application. It is an automated and fully-integrated tool that saves reports for instant accessibility, whenever needed. It further allows you to export them in the any of the desired formats, for use in other applications.

Agelix’s Reporting Dashboard Application, RepoNet supports the following features:

  • Access to multiple data sources from a single web application.
  • Ad-hoc reports from SQL data sources using search filters, without having to write complex SQL queries.
  • Manages relationships between tables automatically such that you do not have to spend valuable time in creating and remembering merge operations.
  • Exports reports to multiple formats for use in other applications.
  • Saves search templates to run same reports when needed.
  • Share the report with the other users.
  • Supports macro search terms (E.g. #{today} for current date, #{now} for current time, etc.)
  • Security features extended to data source & table-level security.
  • The app supports pivoting for drill up and down, slicing and dicing, thus helping you to view your data at a granular level.
  • Asynchronous report execution to run a report & return to view results. Useful when generating results with large retrieval counts. The user is also notified via email on completion of the operation.

To know how the reporting tool can help you increase your business efficiency and data quality, write to us or download the brochure now!

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