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Agelix’s FSM (Field Service Manager) is a fully integrated cloud enabled SaaS platform which can enable organizations to manage various aspects of its service management workflow, in an effective and streamlined manner.

The FSM tool goes beyond what a generic ticket management tool can achieve. It supports modules for resource scheduling, appointment booking, inventory/ logistics management, expense recording, order management and many more. It also has a seamless integration with various external ticketing and CRM systems.

The Agelix’s FSM supports an IOT integration to enable tracking of assets and facilitating preventive maintenance. The FSM Mobile tool supports geo locations and offline functionalities, ensuring a seamless remote service management experience. The Agelix FSM tool can also be custom tailored to suit an organization’s specific service management requirements.

The Agelix’s FSM Saas platform has been designed to optimize the service management workflow for organizations which are required to deploy their technicians remotely. These technicians may be required to troubleshoot, deploy/ install or provide critical customer support.

All of these tasks require a seamless integration to backend product inventories, workflow traceability from ticket to closure and a strict SLA compliance. The FSM tool addresses the challenges around remote customer deployments and multiple technicians on call.

FSM supports a complex, secure role-based access system which enables large teams to create various users with specific system permissions to various modules.

Agelix’s FSM service is automated and integrated with major B2B platforms in addition to supporting backend systems like Epicor, Macola, SAP, SysPro and Infor. It can be deployed both on-premises or as a cloud-based system (Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure).

The Agelix’s FSM system features detailed drill-down reporting via customizable dashboards which help an administrator to trace specifics of a service management call. The portal also provides a 360-degree view to all aspects of a service call right from ticketing to the service closure stage.

Agelix’s FSM offers services like resource scheduling, service order & contract management, real-time task tracking, customizable dashboards & reports, feedback system, safety inspection and in-built fault tolerance are amongst the other unique features. Not to forget that an efficient FSM service results in improvised customer relationships by allowing any of your employees to access and deliver the same information on demand.

The FSM tool has been developed with a focussed goal to optimize and accelerate the service management workflow, thus leading to increased productivity and ROI. Detailed FSM reports also help businesses to identify process gaps and help in defining processes to proactively fix them.


The Agelix FSM tool supports the following features at a high level, which can be further customised to suit specific requirements:

  • Centralized or decentralized service request and call management.
  • 360 Degree access to customer, site, installed equipment, contract and warranty information, optimizing the time between service request and job assignment.
  • Generate work orders.
  • Manage warranty and contract entitlements.
  • Apply different billing rates for various types of work.
  • Manage SLAs.
  • Maintain hierarchical relationships among different customers and locations.
  • Automate escalations and invoicing, thus optimising the business process.
  • Dynamic Best Fit scheduling – Automatically matches the work to best resource.
  • Multi-Resource scheduling – assign multiple resources, tools and equipment to work assignment
    automated schedule optimizer.
  • Integrate information about personnel qualifications, resource skills and certifications, attendance management, automatically matches experience to work assignments.
  • Automate crews, shifts with calendars during resource allocation.
  • Automate field timesheet capture for payroll.
  • Generate individual performance scorecards and comparisons across workforce and peers.
  • Track asset install location, utilization and actual productivity.
  • Configuration attributes, performance meters.
  • Automate maintenance work with usage & time based preventative maintenance engine.
  • PM and safety checklists.
  • Full repair history.
  • Track service performance at the asset level – cost, revenue, time, parts history.

Online/Offline Connected Mobile Experience

  • Multi-Device support available through HTML5.
  • Manage multiple work assignments.
  • Manage quoted work.
  • Timesheet and expense management of resources.
  • Vehicle inventory management.
  • Access previous service history and relevant repair documentation.
  • Ensure accurate contract pricing is applied.
  • Capture electronic signatures and payments.
  • Generate service tickets.

Maps Integration

  • Provide office workers with geo positioning of resources.
  • Route visibility.
  • Quickly locate work and field resources geographically.
  • Optimize drive time.

Inventory Management

  • Track part consumption.
  • Manage part request orders, receipts, part replacement, returns, RMA tracking.
  • Track vehicle inventory.
  • Complete work tickets.
  • Review service history.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Access customer pricing.
  • Obtain electronic signature.
  • All with automated real-time capture.

Target Audience

FSM systems are best suited for any industry that provides services to their customers like Utilities, Manufacturers, Service & Distribution, Telecom and other businesses and are required to dispatch technicians to the field to offer operational and maintenance services.

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